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Photo Credits

Jim Merritt

A native of Ridgway, Pennsylvania, Jim is a 1975 graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and bought his first 35mm camera in 1974 while a student there.  Once known for his limited edition fine art pen & ink drawings and watercolor paintings, the early years of Jim’s photography were spent capturing images to use as reference.

Spending most of his life here on the edge of the Allegheny National Forest, a region so rich in natural history, Jim grew up with an inherent appreciation of the natural world, the beauty and fragility of its woodlands and rivers, and is working steadfastly photographing the character of its landscape and wildlife.  Jim hopes his photography will foster a universal appreciation for and a desire to safeguard the region, its wildlife, its resources, its history and legacy. 

More of Jim's work can be found at his website,


Tom Dorsey

In the future, we will also feature photos from Tom Dorsey, such at the one at the right. We'll let Tom tell you a little about himself: 

"My first break in life was having amazing parents and growing up in beautiful Elk County.    Our mountains are wild and beautiful with photo opportunities around every corner.  Since childhood I have always been intrigued with cameras and photography.  The early days of 110 film, flash cubes, Polaroid Instant Cameras and 35mm bring fond memories and have indeed helped me to realize the elements necessary for a pleasing image.  While those were fond memories, the introduction of digital photography was welcomed with tremendous enthusiasm.


Over the last several years, my love of photography has taken on a life of it’s own.  What was once a keen interest has truly become a passion with wildlife being the subject of this obsession.  Viewing wildlife is something most people enjoy but when done through a viewfinder there is a more personal connection.  The camera becomes the artists brush in that you have total control over the clarity, the colors, composition and how the light plays on the subject.  To me the light is where it’s at and it’s what I strive for. "

You can check out Tom's blog at: